Music Mondays: Mellow Songs

On Music Mondays, we’ll each share one song that speaks to us or represents our work. It could be part of a playlist for our WiP, or just a song that’s been on replay lately. Feel free to share your recommendations and check out ours!


This week we’re chilling to mellow music. These are the songs that conjure up lazy days and relaxing nights. Sometimes you need a soft, delicate song to help you write an emotional scene between two characters, or you just want to wind down after a long day at work. Let us know what you think of our picks this week, and what your go-to songs are for when you need to rest and slow down.



This song is by one of my new favorite groups, a singer-songwriter duo called Johnnyswim. They’re a married couple (and the ultimate #relationshipgoals) and sing the most beautiful harmonies together. To me, this song always conjures up a lovely summer’s morning when the sun is out, the sky is perfectly blue, and the breeze coming through the open window is just right. Not a bad place to imagine on these cold January evenings in the northern hemisphere.



I’m always a fan of something that can be described as haunting, especially when I am in a mellower mood. And the echo of the piano within this short piece, and the way the tempo pauses in the middle and the echo breaks away to create a more distinct melody, before returning back to that echo, the pace slightly quickened…yes, this is a piece that I would describe as haunting. Simple, elegant and haunting.



I adore the quiet sweetness of this song. It makes me think of cloudy, windy days, when the trees are bare and the marsh grass is yellow-white with frost. This live version is gorgeous (I tend to listen to music live if I can), and I hope you enjoy it!



Oh gosh, I have SO many mellow songs to recommend I don’t even know where to begin! But given that I am now in the thick of rewriting my WIP, No Room in Neverland, I’ll go with Ruth B’s Lost Boy:

A friend of mine recommended it to me because he knew I was writing “a Peter Pan novel”. The moment I heard those lyrics, I felt such a deep connection to it. Now, it’s on replay every time I miss Neverland.

Note to Muses: We should probably do a WIP OST one of these days. What do you think?


We hope you liked those song recommendations! What do you listen to when you need to chill out? Share your music recommendations with us. We love hearing from you!




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