and here’s your mid-week Link Salad


Freshly tossed, your regular Link Salad is a mix of writing-related articles, inspiring videos, pep talks, funnies, author interviews, served with a sprinkle of book release news and a drizzle of anything and everything that makes us as writers – and humans – laugh, cry, and fangirl over.


At the start of the year, Chuck Wendig entreats us to write DESPITE everything that stands in our way. It’s a pretty emphatic clarion call – are you awakened?

a writer writes.jpg


Meanwhile Nathan Bransford, ex-literary agent extraordinaire and middle grade author, explains why writing is like building a pyramid.

He absolutely nailed it with the analogy: “Everything is building toward the point of the pyramid. In your novel, it’s all about that climax. Every metaphorical stone you put in place should lead to a very satisfying conclusion.”



Sometimes, we all need a good ol’ pep talk to get us through the bad days. The Lady in Read has some words of encouragement for the struggling, disillusioned writer.

encouragement for writers.jpg


New York Times bestselling author of the Grisha Trilogy and the Six of Crows duology (HAVE YOU READ THEM YET?! You should) Leigh Bardugo examines the concept of The Big Idea and its appeal. She also makes the case for staying faithful to your WIP and not getting seduced by a Shiny New Idea halfway through … which – let’s face it – is probably what we all struggle to do.



Finally, here’s some funny for the day: are you too neurotic to be a writer? (Although aren’t writers all neurotic?)

i need help.gif


Happy Hump Day, everyone!


What are some of your favourite links, stories, vlog episode, articles, etc?  Share them with us in the Comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.



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