And here’s your weekend link salad


Freshly tossed, your regular Link Salad is a mix of writing-related articles, inspiring videos, pep talks, funnies, author interviews, served with a sprinkle of book release news and a drizzle of anything and everything that makes us as writers – and humans – laugh, cry, and fangirl over.

We’ve got some seriously good links to share this week, from relationships to mental health, creativity to discipline! Share your thoughts on these topics with us – we’d love to hear from you, as always.


  1. Art can save us from depression


Creativity has given us a toolkit of infinite possibility when it comes to living with depression. Make something to feel present again. Make those lamb chops everyone loves, and call your buddies over to share in your creation. Sit down at the potter’s wheel and make those beautiful ceramic plates. Wake up in the morning and start writing that short story about the mystical goblins and that batshit crazy troll. Code that new app that will help you find the best weed. Choreograph that dance. Take a beautiful picture. Build something to bring you back to the “now.”

I love this article so much. Not just because it’s a relief to know that I’m not going through this alone, but also because there is an actual solution proposed. As a writer, I find so much comfort when I escape into another world, if only for a while.

I never realised that this thing that lives inside me — depression, circumstantial sadness, or whatever people choose to call it — is in fact taking me away from the present. My reaction was similar to yours: I told myself to snap out of it, stop wallowing in self-pity, get my shit together and stop burdening everyone with my problems. But all that did was make myself even lonelier because I felt alone with this thing in the dark.

Some days are more manageable, some days are awful. It’s good to know that art can save us, rein us back to the here and now, and make us fall back in love with life again.

I glad I came across the article, thankful for the writer’s honesty and empathy. It’s beautiful that he found purpose and passion again through making music and sharing it with the world.

2. Is finding “The One” a myth?

These guys offer incredibly insightful thoughts and advice on a range of topics, from social pressures faced when growing up to relationship issues like whether “The One” exists. Whether you’re seeking The One, or considering whether to give your character his or her “forever person”, it’s an interesting discussion to follow and reflect on. Chew on this!


3. How to Create the Life You Always Dreamed Of 

Bestselling YA fantasy author Laini Taylor (you may have heard of this little series called Daughter of Smoke and Bone) never ceases to be a ray of hope and sunlight. Her blog is a fascinating hodgepodge of gorgeous travel photos, writing advice, and updates on her charmed life (can her daughter get any cuter?!).

And here in typical Laini fashion, she dishes out the most encouraging and kind advice:


Also, HER NEW BOOK IS ALMOST OUT!!! After more than a year since her last book, DREAMS OF GODS AND MONSTERS (the final installment of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy), was released, Laini is back with a brand new fantasy series that already looks so incredible we’re beside ourselves with excitement! *grabby hands*


4. Chuck Wendig commands you to FINISH YOUR SHIT.


How many of us have at least a couple of unfinished manuscripts lying somewhere in our folder because we gave up on them when the going got tough? Author Chuck Wendig dishes out some tough love and tells us the importance of sticking it out with your WIP through the good times and the bad. A timely reminder for a lot of us, we’re sure!


5. Do you want to win the game you’re playing?


It’s easy to get caught up in our wants; our dreams get loftier the deeper we indulge in the “game” of publishing. With each milestone achieved, we set higher goals. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but author and ex-literary agent Nathan Bransford urges us to stay in the game for the love of it, not just because we want to win. Because every time we reach for another goal just beyond our grasp instead of enjoying what we’re doing in the here and now, we’re just delaying happiness.


What are your thoughts on these topics? Is there a link or two you’d like to share? Fire away in the Comments section below!

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