Music Mondays: WIP Songs

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On Music Mondays, we’ll each share one song that speaks to us or represents our work. It could be part of a playlist for our WiP, or just a song that’s been on replay lately. Feel free to share your recommendations and check out ours!

This week we’re sharing songs that have inspired or been inspired by what we’re currently writing (or our WIP: ‘work in progress’). Whether it’s a song for a tender moment between two characters, or a rousing piece that perfectly captures the feel of a crucial fight scene, these songs will give you a snapshot of what we’re working on, and how music informs our writing.

Let us know what you think, and what songs are currently inspiring your writing!


This song is by one of my favorite rock bands, and it encapsulates everything one of the main characters in my WIP is feeling. At the climax of the story she’s angry, wounded, and desperate, and when she finds herself backed into a corner with a gun (or rather, a musket) in her hand, she sees an opportunity to make the world a better place – even if it involves killing someone.

My WIP is a historical fiction that follows four people caught up in a now-forgotten event during the American Revolution.



I’m working on a young adult contemporary at the moment called Before I Remember You. It’s about a girl who spirals down the rabbit hole of selective amnesia when she grows addicted to memory erasure as a form of escape, only to find that she is gradually losing all her memories.

The mood is melancholic and tinged with regret, and this piano piece from the movie Fleet of Time perfectly captures it. The music mourns what was lost, the beauty and tragedy of fleeting happiness.



So of course I don’t have just one song, but an entire hour-playlist that is compiled into one video (so I hope this still counts). But when I was first writing my WIP, I was constantly searching for a medieval track to get me into the mindset of Terrowin, one of my main characters. And this was the track that I finally found and put on repeat. As I go into editing my WIP, I’m sure I will pick this back up and get lost into the melodies of tavern songs and questing ballads once again to embrace the knightly spirit!


What are some songs on YOUR WIP playlist? Recommendations always welcome!


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