September + October Writing Prompt

Hello fantastic readers!

It’s that time again where we get to introduce a new writing prompt! We’re also starting to branch out a bit and invite some other writers that we admire to try their hands at future prompts, as well, giving you even more stories to devour every other Friday (you may have noticed our first guest writer, You Zhen, give his take on our last prompt a few weeks ago). So stay tuned for a plethora of new stories in the upcoming weeks!

But I’m sure, at the moment, you’re more interested in what our next batch of stories are actually going to be about.


Prompt 1057

Pretty neat, huh? I know the purpose of prompts are to be open enough to allow plenty of different avenues to follow, but I think this one particularly fits into that vein and I’m really excited to see what my fellow Muses and our guests come up with. I know the cogs in my brain are certainly turning and with only a minimum amount of annoying squeaking…

The Schedule:

Joyce: September 8th
Meredith: September 22nd
Nicole: October 6th
Becky: October 20th

Thanks, as always, readers, for your support of both this blog and our stories. Words are not enough to express our gratitude, so we hope our continued efforts and experimentation writing stories that you enjoy, shows that appreciation.

Your Muses

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