November + December Writing Prompt

Hello, fantastic readers!

We hope you enjoyed our last batch of stories, which included some new faces as we featured some guest writers who we respect and admire. It’s crazy to believe that the end of of the year is already upon us and, by the time we do another prompt, it will be 2018! We hope you enjoy this last round of stories from us to finish out the year. Writing for you all and experimenting with our prompts and creativity has been an absolute joy and we appreciate you supporting us during our first year here.

We’re really excited for many more.

Without further ado, our prompt:

Prompt 1093


Joyce: November 24th
Meredith: November 28th
Guest Writer Jennifer Whitty: December 1st
Surprise Guest Writer: December 8th
Nicole: December 15th
Guest Writer Marie Stump: December 22nd
Becky: December 29th
Stay tuned for our latest batch of stories and, always, thanks for your support! May your muses stay loud and your pens ever flowing — and if your muses are silent, may your keystrokes be stubborn and continuous, anyway. 🙂
Your Muses

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