January Writing Prompt

Hello, readers!

Wow, it’s a surreal feeling that we’re over a week into 2018 already. Your Muses have been hard at work figuring out what 2018 is going to look like for us here on this blog. We’re going to be reintroducing our Music Monday features (as you may have already noticed), adding posts about what we’re reading, as well as some writing advice and musings of our own sprinkled throughout each month.

And, of course, short stories.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we originally started with posting a new short story every Friday. But then life got in the way–you know how it goes–and we went to every other Friday. Now, however, life is being a little more kind and aligning with our goals, so we’re back to posting every Friday, including featuring a different guest writer every month. Interested in guest writing for the Muses? Don’t hesitate to contact us, whether through a comment on here or via Twitter.

Since we’ve been hard at work getting everything sorted, that’s why we’re late posting this prompt–but that just means you all have to wait less to see the stories that come from it, considering the first of this batch comes out this Friday.

Our January Prompt:

January Prompt


Jan 12th: Meredith
Jan 19th: Nicole
Jan 26th: Joyce

You’ll notice that we don’t have a guest writer for this prompt. Instead, our first story of the year featured guest writer Marie Stump (check out her awesome story here), who wrote for our last prompt, yet some technological issues made it not possible it in time. Next month, however, we’ll start featuring some new writers. Get pumped.

As always, thanks for your support! We’re still growing and we’re excited about everything to come in the future and hope to continue growing and fostering a creative and supportive community here at Muses.

Until then, may your quills stay sharp and your muses loud.

Your Muses

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