Star-Crossed Lovers?

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Do you like them? Look how they shine for you!

This one is known as Rigel – the color matches your eyes does it not? And this one, Deneb, oh you should have seen its planets dancing. And this one – ah, rare indeed, for it is all of dark matter, and has no name – at least not in any tongue from this universe. And this, a glorious ruby red dwarf. The light is fading, but oh how it glows.

This is my favorite though – it is known only as the ‘Sun’, and I hear one of the rocks that revolved around it had a race of highly intelligent beings, with large heads and brains. There were other intelligent beings habiting it as well, but none moreso than these. I saw one of them once.

It was called an octopus.

What will happen to them, without their star, you ask? They have already found a new planet, after another of those lesser creatures ruined theirs. So they have no need of their ‘Sun’, and all the other life from that system has long gone extinct.

But back to the stars, my love. How they will glitter and gleam on your brow, around your neck, strewn in your hair, as black as the depths of the void.

Yet these, these are just the first of many my love, from one small corner of our realm. I will gather all the finest stars from across the universe, and adorn your crown with them my love, and together we shall rule for all eternity, wreathed in the splendor of the cosmos-

*high-pitched scream*


Hi, it’s me. The one he wouldn’t shut up about? The one he was trying to adorn and wreathe and put up on a pedestal and yadda yadda. Boy he was insufferable wasn’t he?

Yeah, he’s in a black hole now, so we won’t be hearing from him again.

I am the supreme celestial being, so why would I want to drape myself in stars that I don’t need, and frankly don’t want? I’ll put them back in their systems, otherwise the galaxies will get all out of whack-

Oh geez would you look at all these spirals? They’re a mess! Look at what he’s done! This is why I can’t have nice things…

Ok well, this has been fun, thanks for stopping by, but I have to go and try to make order out of all this chaos – AGAIN.

Especially in that poor little system with the cephalopods. It looks like that planet could use some help.

I’ll see if I can put things to right, shall I?


8 thoughts on “Star-Crossed Lovers?

  1. I’m not sure if this was meant as a comedic piece, but I LOL-ed so hard at the transition. I was just starting to get into the first narrative voice until the second bad-ass one took over and pointed out the floweriness of his speech. Love this – it was so fun!!

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  2. Ooooohhh, Meredith, I loved what you did with this piece! The abrupt change of tone was fantastic and it made me curious about both the before and after of this story: who is this man, how did he get these stars, who is he giving them to, who is this supreme celestial being; but then, how is she going to fix it all, does any of it shape how we view the stars now. The questions are pouring in and I think that’s a really good thing. Nice work!

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    1. Aww thanks! I was trying to do something different (and I started to get annoyed with my own flowery prose), so I thought hey why not kick him into a black hole and let her speak? I’m glad you liked it 🙂


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