June Prompt Post

Hello, lovely readers!

We’re not sure what baffles us more: the fact that we’re already posting our prompt for June or the fact that we’re hammering out details and picking prompts for our next three months (as we pick them up in three month chunks) which covers into September.

Time never ceases to amaze us.

For June, we’ll be posting stories over the following prompt:

Muses June Prompt 18

We hope you’re as intrigued and have ideas flying left and right like we do.

Considering that June is also a five week month, we get to host not one, but TWO guest writers! Check out our posting schedule below:

June 1st: Meredith
June 8th: Nicole
June 15th: Joyce
June 22nd: Guest Writer Evie Redding
June 29th: Guest Writer You Zhen

We hope the start of summer has been kind to you. Be on the look out for a poll/discussion that ties into this month’s Wondering Wednesday over on our Twitter page here soon. We’ll give you a few hints, though: it surrounds details over what you love–and hate–about secondary characters. And your comments might be featured in our upcoming post!

*cue dramatic music*

Your Muses

2 thoughts on “June Prompt Post

  1. Great. Too many interesting ideas to share, right? This really is an awesome community. Good luck to your page, continue to inspire more bloggers. 🙂
    Hey, don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, I would love to connect with you. 🙂


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