July Prompt

Hello, dear readers!

How have things been? We know the world is a bit of a rough one to live in, right now, and it’s easy to fall into depression slumps and pits of despair, regardless that it’s the summer time and the sun is shining. As such, we were hoping to try and brighten things up a bit, starting off with this gorgeous prompt for July:

July 2018 prompt

Seriously, the colors alone are just positively stunning.

We’re not sure if our muses will truly invoke stories oozing with happiness, but we hope that our stories, regardless of their content, will help bring you some happiness and perhaps a little escape from the world around us.

Posting Schedule:

July 6th: Meredith
July 13th: Nicole
July 20th: Joyce
July 27th: Returning Guest Writer J.M. Whitty 

Thanks for sticking with us and be sure to continue checking out the blog throughout the month to continue reading not only our stories, but also our writing features and series, Music Monday post and our reading recommendations! Oh, and did you hear we also got an Instragram? We’d love it if you checked us out!

Your Muses

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