#MusicMonday: Breezy Summer Tunes


This week we’re sharing songs that put us in a summery mood, no matter what time of year it is. Whether your ideal summer day is a backyard BBQ with friends, a long country drive through green fields, or a lazy sunscreen-scented afternoon on the beach, these songs will put you in a sunshine state of mind. 


So, I’m not the best with these themes, sometimes, I’ve realized. I usually either listen to the same music over and over on repeat, thanks to Spotify, or if I’m writing, I’ll do the same thing, just with epic music (my current jam there is replaying the “Skyrim Atmospheres” track on repeat). I don’t think this song really counts as summery, to be honest, but it has been my jam this summer. I think the beat at the beginning and the way it drops just screams having the windows open and dancing at the stoplight (which I’ve done many an occasion getting off of work). So I hope you enjoy “Encoder” by We Came As Romans!


Have I mentioned how much I love The Paper Kites? Ever since I heard The Mortal Boy King years ago, I’ve loved their sound.

And this song, Halcyon, takes me on an adventure in the woods, when everything is verdant and in bloom and the air smells earthy and pungent. It reminds me of Neverland, of make-believe games and warm summer days spent exploring outdoors.

(By the way, the group just released a new album this year, On the Train Ride Home, which feels like a warm hug at the end of a long day, especially the titular track. Give it a listen if you haven’t already!)


I’m in love with the Orishas’ new album, and through the magic of YouTube suggestions I discovered this song that they feature in (as Beatriz Luengo is married to one of the Orishas!), and it’s so quintessentially summery. You can almost feel the breeze on your skin, and hear it blowing through the palm trees in this song. And I love how bright and romantic their vocals are, especially Beatriz’s, and how they bounce along to the reggaeton beat. If you like Cuban salsa music, definitely check out the Orishas album ‘Gourmet’ as well – each tune is like its own dance party.


Let us know which songs are your favorite summer jams!

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