#MusicMonday: Falling in Love


Music Mondays_Falling in Love

This week’s theme is all about love! Here are some songs that get our hearts all a-flutter, and conjure up dreamy days and starlit nights full of romance. (And they may have inspired a kissing scene or two in our WiPs…).



For sweet love songs that put me in the mood for romance, Joshua Radin is my go-to. You can’t go wrong with a warm, sincere voice and an acoustic guitar. I first heard They Bring Me to You back in 2010, when I was writing BLOOD PROMISE, and it sounded like a refreshing change from all the high-stakes tension and dramatic gloom that was the manuscript’s mood. There are others that I recommend too, like Everything’ll Be Alright, I’d Rather Be With You, and Paperweight.


This song gets me moving every time. It’s so full of joy and passion, and the rhythm is infectious. Not to mention that trumpet solo, and the absolute joy of the singers, and I could go on. If you need a sexy dance number for your main characters, look no further!




NICOLE: When you think of love, how do you not think of this cinematic masterpiece and the music that goes along with it? Just listening to the piano and how it complements the strings with my eyes closed…it makes my heart soar.



Let us know in the comments what songs make your heart soar!

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