August Prompt

Hello, dear readers!

We hope you all are doing well, especially now that the second half the year is underway. Can you believe that? We certainly can’t. But we’re also excited, because we have some items in the works that we think might excite you. Plus, we’re going to try and be more active, providing more posts and content than we have been the past few months. Though we’re trying not to beat ourselves up about it, beause life does get in the way, we do also have a vision for this blog and that vision takes work to achieve. And that vision, no matter what, will always include stories.

Feast your eyes on our prompt for August:

August 2018 prompt

Posting Schedule:

August 3rd: Meredith
August 10th: Nicole
August 17th: Joyce
August 24th: TBR Guest Writer
August 31st: Our first ever Writer Spotlight!

You may have noticed that we have something special planned for the end of the month. Stay tuned for a post in the upcoming weeks explaining exactly what that’s about. But also, we’re always looking for guest writers to try their hand at a prompt or share a story with us! Interested in doing so? Let us know in the comments or reach out to us via our email, Twitter or Instagram! We’d love to feature more writers. ❤

And now, we’d better get to writing.

Your Muses

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