#MusicMonday: Lovely, Dark and Deep

Music Monday Spooky Songs

This week we’re creeping along to songs that make our skin crawl and our spines tingle. Whether you need a new track for that eerie scene in your WIP, or you just can’t wait for Halloween, these songs will have you spooked! Let us know what unsettling tunes make you want to check under the bed for monsters…



I fell in love with Delta Rae once I heard their sound. I love me some southern gothic spookiness and boy do these guys deliver. All the songs on their albums are really unique, with different mixtures of rock, pop, folk and Americana, but this one captures the witchy vibes they do really well too. (PS – yes those are definitely chains they’re using for percussion.) (PPS – keep an eye on the mirror in the beginning…)



I don’t do a lot of scary things. I’m not the biggest fan of horror because I freak myself out too much, so I usually avoid all things traditionally labeled “scary” because I’d rather sleep all through the night, thank you very much. However, I did, for whatever reason, really enjoy the film 28 Days Later, even though it really did freak my shit out. And the main title track to that will always give me chills…



The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have a couple of the best soundtracks as far as TV series go. As soon as I heard this song, Phantogram’s Black Out Days, on The Originals, I was in love. The mood was perfect for BLOOD PROMISE, an urban fantasy about homicidal fairies and changelings I was working on back then, and this song inspired an entire playlist for it.

That’s a wrap for another rendition of Music Monday! Did you enjoy our choices? Have any other songs you think fits this creepy theme? Let us know in the comments!



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