October Prompt

Hello, dear readers!

We hope you’re doing well and enjoyed our last batch of short stories. We try to mix it up between a writing prompt and a picture prompt and, during the months where holidays occur, it’s always a tricky one. Do we find a prompt that matches so we can write more holiday-esque type stories or do we just find a prompt that speaks to us?

This month, we think you might agree that, while it doesn’t necessarily have to be festival for fall or Halloween, we could definitely twist it to read that way, if we wanted to.

Feast your eyes:

Prompt 869.jpg

Posting Schedule:

October 5th: Meredith
October 12th: Nicole
October 19th: Joyce
October 26th: You?

As you can see, we don’t have a guest writer for this month, but we’re always open to writers who want to try their hand at one of our prompts. If this month’s prompt feels appealing to you and gets your Muses working, don’t be afraid to reach out to us, whether commenting below or reaching out on our contact page, Twitter or Instagram! We’d love to host your story!

Until then, we need to get working on the ones we’re going to share with you!

Your Muses


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