November Prompt

Muses Prompt 2

Hello fellow Muse-seekers! Welcome back to another month, another prompt, another chance to explore a brand new story and world. This month we’re posting a bit later than we’d planned (life happens, right?), but we’re back and more ready than ever to dive into this evocative image.

It conjures up so many questions – who are they? Are they watching, or being watched? Can I have the next dance? Who is their tailor? And are their faces as dashing as their backs?

For answers to these and many more questions, tune in this month as we post our stories each week, and feature another guest post from our returning writer J.M. Whitty.

Feel free to try your hand at the prompt, post at your online space, and link to it in the comments here so we can read it! (Also, it totally counts towards your #NaNoWriMo total…)

Happy writing!


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