#MusicMonday: Fantasy Realms

Music Monday Fantasy Realms new 1

Journey with us this week to faraway fantasy lands, where magic fills the air and danger lurks around every corner. Whether you’re rescuing a prince-in-distress or slaying evil monsters in your manuscript (or in real life), these songs will help transport you to a world of beauty and wonder, where anything is possible.



So, if anyone knows me, they know that Skyrim, like so many others, consumed so much of my life (and I’m not even ashamed, honestly). So when it was proposed to offer a fantasy track (and there are so many to choose from, how does one choose!?), this is what I finally narrowed it down to, because honestly, it’s just too good a score that I still listen to it on a daily (no lie) so many years later. And if I were ever going through and adventuring on my own quest, I wouldn’t mind if this was what played in the background.



I’ve been playing this OST on a loop, because the orchestral pieces are so sweeping and beautiful and heart-breaking. SCARLET HEART is a historical Korean drama about a modern-day girl who is transported to the 11th century Goryeo dynasty and gets caught in a power struggle among eight princes. It’s an intense, fast-paced melodrama with lots of suspense, romance, betrayal, heartbreak, assassination, ambitious scheming mothers, a spunky heroine broken by loss and a misunderstood bad boy with tragic backstory, conspiracy theories, and OH DID I MENTION HEARTBREAK? Because the ending is a complete tear-jerker and always gets me right. in. the. feels. Given that I’m writing currently an Asian historical fantasy, this soundtrack is just about all I need to keep those words flowing.



This was hard to narrow down, but since I am OBSESSED with the soundtrack to the Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt game (I even dressed up as Yen for Halloween!), I had to pick one of the most iconic tracks from it. This song perfectly sums up the danger and adventure in the games, and I love the raw vocals and pounding percussion. The only thing I don’t like about this track is how short it is…

If you haven’t heard the Witcher soundtrack before, and need some motivational music for your next writing sprint (or gym sprint), check out the whole soundtrack, including the expansion albums for Hearts of Stone, and Blood & Wine, which this one’s from. Whether you write fantasy or not, this music is definitely mesmerizing.


Which track was your favorite? What fantasy music gets you daydreaming of far-off lands and daring quests? Let us know in the comments!


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