December Writing Prompt

Hello, dearest readers!

Oh boy, has this year been a complete whirlwind for your writers here, truly. It’s not surprising, since 2018 was a literal dumpster fire in a lot of ways. Here at the Muses, we’ve had ups and downs, as far as posting content has gone and thanks to life doing what life does, we have hit the end of the year not posting every Music Monday post or putting up all the ones we wanted to, though damn if we aren’t trying.

But we have continued to bring you stories and we hope, no matter how hectic our schedules get, no matter how many times we try again, in terms of a new feature or new series, that you’ll continue to stay with us, even if “all we do” is post stories. Because at the end of the day, those stories are what matter, along with the discussions that arise and the community we still want to build around them.

So, what are we writing about this December?


We personally love this one, since it’s so open-ended. Guess you’re going to have to read and find out what we do with it!

Thanks for sticking with us through another year! We’re excited for the holidays, but even more excited for a fresh start and a clean slate that the new year brings. One thing will always remain, however, no matter what life throws at us: and that’s our desire to write stories and, hopefully, continue sharing them with you.

Thanks for reading.

Your Muses

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