#MusicMonday: Songs for Curling Up By the Fire

Music Monday Songs for Curling Up by the Fire

Happy (early) Music Monday!

We’re posting a little early this week to help you get in the festive spirit even between the holidays, bringing to light some of our favorite tracks as we try to stay warm this season. We hope you enjoy them! And don’t be afraid to share your own favorite tracks down below in the comments–or let us know what you think of ours!



If you’ve played Skyrim, it’s not hard to remember running through the snowy banks and climbing up the tundras, laughing as you’re wearing practically nothing but armor yet not feeling cold as you go chasing dragons. Soule created some of the most glorious sounds to go along with that adventuring and I’d be lying if I haven’t already pulled up this gorgeous track, lit a candle and cozied up to a good book this winter.



Okay, I have two to recommend this time.

As a Newtina shipper, I absolutely ADORE the slow-burn romance between Newt Scamander and Tina Goldstein, both so similar in their reticence and awkwardness around people. This piece is not only so representative of the nature of their relationship (somewhat hesitant, but still hopeful), it also gives me the warm fuzzies.

(I am so, so excited for this franchise. I only wish we had a proper book series dedicated to Newt Scamander that I can devour.)

This piece is so sweeping and beautiful and evocative I fell in love with it as soon as I heard it in The Goblet of Fire more than a decade ago (how has it been that long?!). Since then, it has always held that special magical quality for me, but it also feels like a warm hug at the end of a long day. I feel like I’m trudging through a snowy landscape before curling up on the couch whenever I listen to this.

(And yes, Hogwarts will always be my home.)



Continuing my love of Ella Fitzgerald, this is one of my all-time favorite renditions of this song, and one of my favs from her Christmas album (which has a unicorn on the cover – I mean come on!). During the craziness of Christmas season, there’s something about the laid-back jazzy swing of this New Year’s song that I never get tired of, even throughout the rest of the year. (See also Vince Guaraldi’s jazzy piano album for A Charlie Brown Christmas!)


So, dear readers, make sure you take some time for yourself during this busy, holiday season, grab a cup of hot cocoa, blanket and a good book, and let these tunes–or some of your favorites–pull you away from the stress and the realities of life and relax.

Your Muses, as always, wish you a warm and wonderful holiday season!


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