February Prompt

Hello, dearest readers!

Your Muses have been on a little hiatus, but we’re desperate to get back to writing stories. Originally, we had a prompt for December last year picked out that excited us, but the holidays didn’t help the already chaotic lives we’re living and we never even got to have a crack at it.

We’re really lucky we run this blog and get to make the rules of said blog. Because no one but us can tell us that we can have a second try. 😉

So, this February, we’re going to try again:


We just can’t get enough of this idea and the story potential this prompt creates.

This is when you can (roughly) expect our stories to go live. We say roughly because we realized that we need to be a little kinder to ourselves when it comes to deadlines with this blog, simply because life seems to get in the way too much. So we’re going to do our best to get our stories published on these respective dates, but we’ll keep you posted if we have to miss them:

February 8th: Nicole
February 15th: Meredith
February 22nd: Joyce

Thanks for sticking with us! We’re excited to write stories for you to read once more. Decided to try this prompt out yourselves? Link us your story! We’d love to read it.

Your Muses


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