#MusicMonday: Songs for Healing and Heartbreak

Music Mondays.png

The power of music is a strange and potent thing. It takes us back in time, lifts our mood, empowers us, and, perhaps most importantly, heals us. It speaks to us, letting us know we are not alone in our struggles or pain. That brief, transcendental moment provides solace, and we find a friend in that one tune we play over and over again like a beloved tale.

This week, we pay tribute to the songs that got us through hard times, restored our spirit, and provided comfort when we needed it most.


MEREDITH: This song is sad and full of longing, but also gentle and hopeful. Joshua Hyslop’s music is always so genuine and heartfelt, and this song gets me every time. I love the soft string accompaniment too, it adds a whole other layer of feeling.


NICOLE: So, this isn’t the most helpful playlist to make you feel better, I think. Rather, this is the playlist that I listen to when I know I’m going to be writing something really sad or I want to invoke those emotions (also, the music itself is just really, really pretty). It matches that tone I want to create so perfectly and I find that having the music I’m listening to while I write match helps tremendously.




This song is an old favourite of mine. You can just hear the woefulness in his voice, but somehow listening to this song makes me feel better, as though I’m not alone in my loneliness. Kodaline’s In A Perfect World was, imho, their best album so far. So uplifting and positive, it’s an album for healing and restoration of the spirit.


Let us know which songs have helped you during hard times. We’d love to hear from you!


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