March Writing Prompt!

March 2019 prompt.jpg

Hello, lovely Muses! Can you believe we’re already in March?

Whether you’re working hard at that manuscript or chasing that muse, here’s a gentle reminder from us to take necessary breaks and recharge. Now, we’re not saying you have to completely stop writing (although you could do that if you need to), but to just take a step back from whatever’s stressing you out right now so that the words and ideas can flow better.

One method we’ve discovered is free-writing. When you allow your mind to wander and play with possibilities, to let go of rigid notions about structure and plot, you’re making more way for new ideas to enter and re-inspiring yourself.

So take a shot at our March prompt. Wonder, explore, and create. And most importantly, have fun!

Watch this space for weekly short stories coming your way!

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