#MusicMonday: Epic Songs


This week we’re sharing our favorite EPIC SONGS! The word ‘epic’ gets thrown around a lot these days, especially in regards to blockbuster movies. These songs exemplify that huge, sweeping dramatic sound that gets your blood pumping and your imagination soaring. Let these songs help you to dream big, write that climactic scene, or slay that scariest of foes: Monday.



If you know me, you’ll know I absolutely swoon at intense, dramatic music, and play them on a loop when I’m writing.

This score featured in the Korean period drama, Scarlet Heart (Moon Lovers), is such a sweeping number that tells a story from start to finish. Once the violins starts soaring, I completely lose it.

The show is arguably my favourite Korean period dramas ever. From the hang-by-the-edge-of-your-seat plot to the stunning cinematography to the heart-wrenching soundtrack, everything about this show gives me all kinds of feels.


NICOLE: If it isn’t mellow music that I’m your girl for, then it’s most definitely epic music. This kind of music has been my jam ever since I started writing novels seriously, back during my freshman year of high school (and, considering it’s been three years since I graduated college, it’s been a hot minute). I’ve found a ton of different music, but one playlist I continually return to this one playlist by Versus on YouTube called “The Volumes.” It gets a new volume pretty regularly, every couple of months and seemingly a new one comes out almost always when I need it the most. But if I forget to thank this creator and playlist in my acknowledgements section one day, I’m definitely doing something wrong.

(Also, side note: I’m really frustrated with YouTube and how they’ve started, in some of the other volumes on this playlist, putting ads in every five minutes for an hour long video. Is that truly necessary? Just let me watch the minute long ad at the beginning and then enjoy my writing music in peace, please!!)


MEREDITH: I’m a big fan of the band Wardruna, and their music – a mixture of ambient sounds, raw folk instruments, and atmospheric singing (in Old Norse!!) – is perfect for writing epic moments. You can almost taste the salty sea air and feel the wind coming down the mountainsides in their music. This song is from an earlier album, Yggdrasil, but their new album, Ragnarok, is really good too.


Let us know what your favorite EPIC music is! Is it one particular track? Or is it a whole album of something? We’d love to hear from you.

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