#MusicMonday: Chill Favorites

Music Monday Songs for Curling Up by the Fire

This week we’re relaxing to our favorite songs for curling up by the fire, on the couch, in your snuggie of choice. It’s all about relaxation and finding your happy place during this busy time of year. We hope you enjoy our favs, but let us know yours in the comments!



‘Nocturne’, by Blanco White

I’ve become a devoted fan of Blanco White, whose songs are some of the most evocative I’ve ever heard. His soft voice and warm guitars conjure up far off lands and stories from long-ago, and this one in particular always gives me goosebumps. I can just picture the cold light of the stars he’s singing about, shining above the treetops on a clear winter evening. Check out his other songs as well, which all have the same dreamy quality.



Into the Sea, by Aidan Hawken

I watched this movie several years late, but time hasn’t dulled its magic. It’s incredibly delicate and beautiful and magical. BEFORE WE GO is about two lost souls running from their problems, only to run into each other one fateful night in Grand Central Station. It reflects the magic that can take place in just one night in a big city, and I love stories like that – they’re so sweet and hopeful. They make you realise that the world can be so vast, yet there’s the wonderful chance that you’d meet someone who would change your life forever.

Aidan Hawken’s Into the Sea really set the tone of the movie, and I think I fell in love with both this song and the movie right from the start (since the song was used in the opening scene). I love Chris Evans, but I don’t think I’m biased when I say his directorial debut was fantastic (f*ck the critics).


GEMMA (Guest):

‘Take Me Home’, by Jess Glynne

Take Me Home is a song about healing and getting back up even when it feels hopeless. Jess Glynne’s powerful vocals, paired with soaring instruments made this song one of my favorites as it helped me through tough times. Despite its melancholic nature, ‘Take Me Home’ inspired me to focus on my dreams and return to a place that I felt strongly about: home, with people I feel loved and safe with. 


What are some of your chill favorites? Share them with us in the comments below!

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