#MusicMonday: Songs for WIPs

Music Mondays-

This week we’re sharing songs that have inspired or been inspired by what we’re currently writing (or our WIP: ‘work in progress’). Whether it’s a song for a tender moment between two characters, or a rousing piece that perfectly captures the feel of a crucial fight scene, these songs will give you a snapshot of what we’re working on, and how music informs our writing.


After the high-stakes, high-drama historical fantasy I’d been working on last year, I’m ready to work on something lighter. A feel-good romance, quiet and sweet, can be poignant and memorable in its own way. So the manuscript I’m working on now is a young adult romance with magical realism elements, and this song, Into the Sea by Aidan Hawken, sets the mood perfectly.


I am definitely cheating and jamming out to all sorts of things on my Spotify playlist if I’m able to. It’s a collection of a lot of scores, usually of either an epic or sad variety. Not necessary because BLOOD PRICE–or it’s sequel, WAR’S PROMISE, which I am working on now and using the same playlist as motivation–are sad, but listening to some sadder epic tunes just gets me in my feels and helps me focus, and I just enjoy listening to it. I’m always looking for sad-sounding epic melodies and scores, so if you have any favorites, hit me up!


2019 was the year I FINALLY finished my novel set at the end of the American Revolution. While I was writing the last third I got hooked on rock and folk songs that conjure up the courage, desperation, and high stakes of that moment in history. This song perfectly captures all of that, and I love how the lyrics are somehow both grim and hopeful.


Let us know what you’re working on at the moment, and if you have a particular song or playlist that helps you get into the writing flow!

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