#MusicMonday: Songs for Heartbreak and Healing


The power of music is a strange and potent thing. It takes us back in time, lifts our mood, empowers us, and, perhaps most importantly, heals us. It speaks to us, letting us know we are not alone in our struggles or pain. That brief, transcendental moment provides solace, and we find a friend in that one tune we play over and over again like a beloved tale.

This week, we pay tribute to the songs that got us through hard times, restored our spirit, and provided comfort when we needed it most.



These Foolish Things by Ella Fitzgerald

I’m taking it way back this week, into another soft, glistening song by the legend herself. Ella will always be one of my favorite singers. In this song especially, her voice dances over the words, conjuring up the images in the lyrics. This song transports me every time I hear it. If you need to escape for just a little while, or you want to relive lovely memories of someone you cared about, this song will do the trick.


On the Train Ride Home by The Paper Kites

Can’t go wrong with this indie-folk band. If their Woodland EP sounds like it was inspired by Peter Pan and Where the Wild Things Are, this titular album sounds like it’s inspired by a long subway ride. It’s so calming, especially when you listen to it at the end of the day, it can heal a broken heart and more.



2nd Sucks by A Day to Remember

This one is a little bit different, because when I’m experiencing heartbreak or I’m really upset, I just need to…get out some emotion and when I’m not bawling my eyes out, I think to listen to something really hard and heavy; something I can blare in my speakers and just drown out my thoughts as I listen to screams and melody and the double kick drum. A Day to Remember is my go to band for this and this album–and this song–in particular are gold.


You Oughta Know byAlanis Morisette


Do you have a favorite song you always return to in hard times? Or one that conjures up fond yet melancholy memories? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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