#MusicMonday: Sci-Fi Worlds

Music Monday Sci-Fi Worlds 1 new

Space – the final frontier. Whether you like your sci-fi heavy on the Sci or heavy on the Fi, these songs are sure to get your hyperdrives going. We’ve chosen our favorite tracks that always launch our imaginations into the cosmos, where the far-off stars and planets suddenly don’t feel so far anymore.



Above and Beyond by Bassnectar and Seth Drake



Casualty by Hidden Citizens

I recently discovered the group Hidden Citizens who do seriously epic trailer music and covers of pop and rock songs (‘Don’t Speak’ by No Doubt has never sounded so ominous. . .). This album instantly conjures up a sci-fi feel, and this song in particular gets my imagination going. I’ve always dreamed of writing a space opera, and if I do, Hidden Citizens will definitely be in my writing soundtrack!



The entire Mass Effect Original Soundtrack

Is it cliche to list the entire Mass Effect score? Because it’s definitely my go to listening whenever I want to write sci-fi, because it’s just TOO essential and too powerful to not listen to (only negative: getting caught up in the score so much that I wish I was playing the game. I didn’t choose the Commander Shepard life, the Commander Shepard life chose me).


Let us know what your favorite sci-fi music is in the comments! We’ll set our phasers to ‘listen’ 🙂

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