#MusicMonday: Songs for Historical Fiction

Music Monday Historical fiction new 1

Whether you loved or hated history class in school, it’s undeniable that historical fiction gives us the ability to time-travel to other eras and places. These tracks transport us back to long-ago kingdoms and dusty frontier towns, to mist-wrapped mountain villages or bustling harbor cities. In these stories, the figures of the past come alive once more, and these tunes are sure to help you imagine those days gone by.



O Mirandum Misterium by Giovanni Legrenzi

This album is fueling my imagination as I start plotting my next novel, which is set in 17th-century Venice. I listened to this album back when I started my art history degree, and this song especially gives me that thrill of stepping back in time. The singer’s lustrous voice is captivating, and the small chamber orchestra gives it an intimate feel. I can practically smell the salt air of the lagoon city, feel the cold stone of the walls, and see the reflections dancing in a tarnished mirror. I can’t wait to work this piece (somehow. . .) into my novel!


Everytime You Leave (from The Witcher OST) by Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli

I’m also a huge fan of the score and soundtrack for the new Witcher series on Netflix. This piece is especially evocative, and I love the gentle crescendo of the guitar/lute that carries through until the climax. This song is definitely inspiring some of the more amorous scenes in my novel. . .


Let us know what songs or albums help transport you to the past!

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