July/August 2020 Writing Prompt

Hello and welcome to a new dawn, a new day, a new prompt! We’ve been a little quiet here at the Muses blog, just trying to keep afloat with our personal projects while still, y’know, surviving, and adjusting to everything 2020 has thrown our way. It’s tough out there, to say the least, and we hope everyone is doing ok, whatever that looks like for you!

We’re very excited to present our new prompt, and we’ll be sharing new stories based on it every few weeks! Some of us will be picking our signs, others will just pick the one we like most. As always, if you’d like to have a go, let us know if you’d like to post as a guest writer here, or post your story on your online space and link to it here in the comments!


Thanks for sticking with us, for reading our work, and for all of your support! We really appreciate it. Take care ❤

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