#MusicMonday: Inspirational Songs

Inspirational Songs

Times are tough right now. Turning to music can be a relaxing or inspiring way to find some peace and comfort. We’re bringing back our Inspirational Songs theme, in the hopes that these songs can be a refuge for you, and help bring a smile or a moment of calm. Stay well!


Garden by Nahko and Medicine for the People

I love finding songs by happenstance, and this is another one of those that caught me by the ears and didn’t let go. I love the happy beat, the wise but sweet lyrics, the sense of learning and belonging. The idea that you can build a home no matter where you are, and you can build a life, a garden together with someone. And the idea that you can still stay open-minded and hopeful in the face of so much uncertainty, even as you grow older and the world seems to get crueler by the day. The uplifting energy in the beat and the instruments, and the whimsically satisfying lyric video all make me smile, and I hope you do too.

Beneath the Light by Joshua Hyslop

This singer’s voice immediately soothes my soul. This song has an upbeat feel to it, while still conjuring up a late summer afternoon, when the sun is setting, the air cools, and the land is calm. I hope it helps you find some calm too.

Faith in Tomorrow by Cobi

Cobi’s soulful voice stirs up old memories for me, and this song especially seems to draw from classic rock ballads, from the chords, to the guitars and drums, and the backing choir. The lyrics and his voice are full of pain, but also strength and hope against all odds. The line about his father especially hits hard, since Cobi lost his dad last year, and I know that pain too.

I think we could all use some faith in tomorrow, so I hope this song, and the others, can help give that.

What songs do you turn to in times of trouble? Or have you found a new one that gets you feeling inspired? Let us know in the comments!

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