Happy 4th Anniversary Muses!

Four years ago today (although it feels like many eons ago. . .), we started this blog after the first Muse, Joyce, convened our first meeting.

From the comments section of Chuck Wendig’s blog, to the connections forged across time zones and the interwebs, we were all brought together to join our creative forces and write new stories. We were inspired by the writing prompts on other sites, and wanted to find our own sparks of inspiration. From Pinterest to Instagram, we found story nuggets and plot bunnies and chased them wherever they led.

Over the last four years we’ve battled dragons and demons, fought in space wars and duels, sought answers and vengeance, and found love and hope, all through the magic of writing.

We hope our short stories and flash fiction (and our other articles, recommendations, and interviews) have helped entertain you, and given you a source of inspiration in turn.

This year has been challenging for everyone, us included, and while our blog is a bit different than when we started, the spirit of it remains:

Writers coming together and following their creativity, one word at a time.

We hope you’ll join us for another year, as 2021 will see our fifth anniversary, and lots more stories and fun along the way. Thank you as always for reading and commenting and sharing. We’re so excited to have over 500 followers here on the blog, and a growing audience on our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

For our birthday, we have just two wishes:

  1. Give us a follow or share!
  2. Stay safe!
  3. (Ok three wishes. . .) Keep writing and creating!

With lots of love,

Your Muses

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