#MusicMonday: Cozy Songs

This week we’re relaxing to our favorite songs for curling up by the fire, on the couch, or in your snuggie of choice. We’re all for relaxation and finding your happy place, especially in this the year of our dark lord, 2020. We hope you enjoy our favs, but let us know yours in the comments!


I have a particularly anxious lizard brain, so I very much rely on music to help soothe my nerves. Here are some of my favorite songs for when I just want to hide in my cocoon on the couch with a mug of tea and a candle flickering nearby. (Maybe someday I’ll have a fireplace!)

Winter Song by Leslie Odom Jr. feat. Cynthia Erivo

I love the original version of this song, but I think I like Leslie and Cynthia’s version more. Their soft vocals blend and weave together like soft yarn, and the gentle build of the piano and percussion swells into a joyful crescendo. The lyrics are wistful and sweet, and make me think of December days when the anticipation leading up to the holidays is almost as fun as the holidays themselves. This holiday season will of course be different this year, but I hope we all can find comfort and joy wherever we are.

I Fall in Love Too Easily by Chet Baker

Ok I seem to be on a smooth jazz kick here, but I’m not mad about it. This classic is so undeniably smooth, so chill, every time I hear it I pretend I’m at a swanky cocktail bar listening to the band playing, while sipping a strong drink and soaking up the atmosphere—even if I’m really in my PJ’s and slippers on the couch. Hey, a little arm chair daydreaming is the way to go nowadays!

Palace by Cam

I didn’t really know the original version of this song, but this cover stopped me in my tracks. Her voice is so raw, so real, so gorgeous, and the lyrics are too. It’s a quiet song, even though the emotions and feelings within it are so loud. I love the gentle guitar accompaniment too.


Christmas Dream by Old Sea Brigade

Old Sea Brigade was a surprise discovery. But pretty much every single one of their songs makes me feel like I’m wrapped up in a thick blanket on the couch with a steaming cup of tea, especially this one.

Big Black Car by Gregory Alan Isakov

It’s hard to not fall in love with Gregory Alan Isakov’s beautiful music. Something about this song makes it so comforting, like I’m on a long drive to nowhere with the person I love next to me. It feels like warm, cosy memories and bittersweet heartbreak at the same time, and it was actually a song someone I loved once recommended to me. I still think of him whenever I hear this song.

We hope these songs help set a cozy mood for you, as you relax and wind down for the day. Let us know which of these you liked, or what your favorite songs for relaxing are!


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