#MusicMonday: Holiday Favorites

It’s that time of year when all the sleigh bells are ringing, the snow is falling (maybe), and the Mariah Carey’s are insisting they really don’t want a lot for Christmas! Your Muses are here to help sprinkle some festive joy into your sound systems with our favorite holiday tunes. Let us know what your favorites are in the comments!


What Are You Doing New Years Eve by Johnnyswim

I love Johnnyswim (for anyone who hasn’t heard of them, they’re like The Civil Wars, but actually married, and more California sunshine than Southern Gothic…), and their gentle folky Christmas album is always a good idea. I love their rendition of this jazzy tune, and it’s even sweeter when you think of how perfect they are together.

Once Upon a December by Pentatonix

Ok I can’t not post Pentatonix for a holiday favs feature! Their Christmas albums are on heavy rotation in my holiday playlist, and this cover from their newest album is no exception. The original song from Anastasia always gives me goosebumps, with its full choir and orchestra and gorgeous animation—but Pentatonix’s version ALSO gives me goosebumps, and there are just five of them! Their sound is so huge and dramatic, and their version never fails to evoke swirling dancers and snowstorms in my head.

What Christmas Means to Me by 98 Degrees

Ok I’m taking it way back on this one, at least with the group. I was very much an N*SYNC girl in the major boy band debate of the 90s/2000s, but I also really liked 98 degrees, and bless their wooly jumpers they released a new Christmas album in 2017. This one is such a happy, bright version of the classic song, and it never fails to cheer me up and want to get my egg nog on.

What are your all-time favorite holiday tunes? Let us know so we can expand our (massive) Christmas playlists!


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