#MusicMonday: More Holiday Favorites!

Buckle up your snow boots and/or dancing shoes, we’ve got more Christmas tunes coming your way! We’re sharing even more of our favorite songs for decking the halls, roasting chestnuts (does anyone actually do this?), or decorating the tree. We hope you enjoy them, and have a lovely holiday season. Let us know what your go-to holiday songs are in the comments!


Coventry Carol by Pentatonix

I love a jazzy and happy Christmas carol as much as anyone, but I also deeply love the softer songs in a minor key, tinged with a bit of melancholy. I’m not religious anymore, but they still evoke a shiver, a remembrance of time gone by, and memories of frosty Christmas Eves when the magic of the holiday felt real. This one is an old medieval carol, and it’s quite scary actually since it’s about the massacre of the innocents by King Herod. . . (Nothing says Christmas cheer like a spooky biblical story!) But I love the arrangement, the rise and fall of the voices, and the soft percussion by the beatboxer Kevin. And of course, Avi’s bass voice leading the way doesn’t hurt! So I’d say, in between your jingle bells and reindeer tunes, pop on a few medieval carols to really give your gathering an authentic Christmas flavor!

Christmastime Is Here (Instrumental) by Vince Guaraldi Trio

I grew up watching the Charlie Brown specials on TV, and always loved the music. The christmas album by Vince Guaraldi always summons the festive season for me, and gives me all the warm fuzzy nostalgic feelings. This one is especially relaxing and gentle, and his virtuoso piano work is deftly supported by the bass and drum players. For a jazz trio, they really pack a punch, and these songs will always feature on my Christmas playlist.

Let us know your favorite holiday tunes for the festive season. We’d love to discover more!


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