#MusicMonday: 2020 Favorites

We’re looking back at our favorite tunes from 2020, whether we’ve shared them in #MusicMonday before, or not! Let us know your favorite songs or albums that kept you going this year.


I’ve found some amazing music this year, and it’s really helped me through some bad times. Even though I’ve shared them before, I have to recommend again anything by Blanco White, but especially his songs ‘Nocturne’ and ‘Papillon’.

And according to Spotify my top song this year was this one from the Witcher soundtrack (which checks out, honestly, since it features in my Venice book playlist that I played constantly). It’s so soft and gentle and romantic, even though the show (and the world) is so dark and violent.

I also absolutely fell under the spell of the theme song for the new adaptation of His Dark Materials, by one of my favorite composers, Lorne Balfe. I’m definitely still going strong on my love of film, game, and TV soundtracks to fuel my writing inspiration.

(And apparently the Latin lyrics sung by the choir are:

Susurros immortales audiunt,

Haruspices incipite parvuli,

Incipite parvuli procedant menses magni,

Incipite, incipite

Which translates to:

They hear immortal whispers,

Begin, children, and read the omens,

Begin, children, for time passes quickly by,

Begin, begin. . .

Talk about chills!)


Big Black Car, by Gregory Alan Isakov

Lost Sparks, by Canyon City

These two songs will forever remind me of 2020.

This year was meaningful in so many ways — so many first experiences, so many invaluable lessons learned, so many beautiful, sublime moments and also brutal ones. And I’ll always be thankful for this year, regardless of how things turned out. It’s bittersweet, but I choose to hold the sweeter moments close and regard the bitter ones as karmic lessons I had to go through in order to become a more actualised version of myself.

Big Black Car was a song recommended by someone I loved, and it still brings me to tears when I listen to it from time to time, but I find myself smiling through the tears anyway. And Lost Sparks, despite the sad lyrics, brings me a strange kind of comfort, like wishing peace and happiness to a past lover.

(Sorry for getting sappy. You know how it is — year-end musings always end up a little rueful!)

We’d love to hear what you’ve been listening to lately, or whatever songs you’ve loved this past year. Share them with us in the comments below!

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