Link Salad

We wanted to kick things off this year with a roundup of our favorite recent blog posts and content from bloggers, writers, and editors we love. We hope they provide some solace, some inspiration, or maybe just a laugh or two. Let us know what you’re loving recently, or if you’ve started a new habit or routine for this month?

  • Here’s a post from Isabel Yap at Hot Yuzu Tea that really resonated, especially her advice on using ANCHOR SCENES! (What a great idea!)
  • Have a look at Amber’s kind and wise words about how she did with her goals for 2020, and how she wants to move forward with new goals for this year. Her message about being gentle with ourselves really resonated!
  • Here’s Jedi Master Chuck Wendig waxing lyrical (and strange. . .) on last year, and this year, and on how to start slowly but surely building momentum again, just like with exercise or physical therapy. We can’t wait to see what new wacky weirdness he comes up with this year!
  • Do you feel like sometimes with your writing (and resolutions) that you approach it as all or nothing? Success or failure? Win or fail? You’re not alone! We found Lara Willard’s post on useful tools and tricks for writing with ADHD to be so insightful, and helped us feel better about our struggles to stay motivated, and keep up our sense of excitement when things don’t always go as planned. . .
  • Are you hoping to up your reading intake this year? And are you also looking for a super organized way to keep track of all your books? Then check out this stupendous spreadsheet by Shealea, which both energizes us and kind of intimidates us. . .What do you use to keep track of your reads?
  • And finally, if you haven’t visited Jeni Chappelle’s blog, then you are in for a treat! She is a master editor and so incredibly generous to writers on Twitter. Check out her blog posts and worksheets, and especially this video on how to approach your revisions in a more practical and intentional way.

Have you heard the exciting news from your Muses too? We’ve all embarked on solo ventures and revamped or built new websites for our writing and other projects. Here are links to each Muses’ new space, so do check us out and give us a share. Thank you, as always, for your support!

  • Joyce has designed a gorgeous new website for her novels, poetry and short stories, and her artwork and calligraphy!

  • Nicole has just launched her new website to highlight not only her writing, but also her blogging and editorial services, with a focus on fantasy and sci-fi.

  • Meredith has also designed a new website to advertise her editorial services specialising in historical fiction and fantasy, and in academic writing.

Let us know what blogs and sites you’re finding inspiration from these days!


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