#MusicMonday: Moody Songs

We all have dark moments, where there’s too much to put into words, and only music can capture what we’re feeling. Sometime you just need to put on some emotional music and let your feelings flow. It’s been a roller coaster of a year, and we all need an outlet for our anger and sadness. We hope these songs can help you process whatever you’re going through, and help you feel that, even in spite of everything, you’re not alone. We’re all human, going through a hell of a lot! Come join us as we get all up in our feelings.


I was a moody middle child growing up, with a low-key emo phase (ok who am I kidding, it wasn’t a phase mom, gosh!). I always loved zoning out into my own world with my moody music playing, dreaming up scenarios and fantasies to escape my angsty teen years. Even though I’m in my thirties now, I still love doing this. Here are some of my favorite emotional songs.

Burn by Mad at Gravity

Love me some angsty 2000’s rock. I had Hoobastank and Evanescence and Linkin Park albums on repeat, but I also loved these guys. They flew under the radar, and I think they deserve a bit more hype! This song definitely gets my imagination going, and it’s full of the push-and-pull slow-burn (lol) end-of-the-world romance that I love writing into my stories.

Lost Without You by Freya Ridings

Another Freya Ridings song that utterly captivated me when I first heard it, and helped me through another tough time in my life. Her voice swept me away, and seemed to articulate exactly what I was feeling. I remember walking home in the dark listening to this with headphones on, and as cheesy as it sounds, it was my soundtrack for that moment. I was feeling all the feelings that day, and this song helped me through it.


I have a playlist dedicated to one of my WiPs that I’ve been working on for YEARS, Blood Promise. And it’s basically all the dark, moody songs I could possibly find because that’s what sets the mood for a story about a changeling caught in a brewing civil war on a remote island.

Andrew Belle was a pleasant discovery from The Vampire Diaries (a lot of people always give me shit for watching a teen-y CW show, but it’s actually pretty well-written), and In My Veins one of my favourites from him. As for Halsey, I sometimes wish she’d go back to her Badlands era mood, because that album was LIT. She has several good tracks in her subsequent albums, including Hurricane, but they never quite hit the same way that Badlands did, imho.

Did any of these songs conjure up dark nights and stormy mornings for you? Given you any inspiration for characters or stories? Let us know what your go-to moody music is!


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