#MusicMonday: Epic Songs

This week we’re sharing our favorite EPIC SONGS! The word ‘epic’ gets thrown around a lot, but these songs exemplify that huge, sweeping dramatic sound that gets your blood pumping and your imagination soaring. Let these songs help you to dream big, write that climactic scene, or slay that scariest of foes: Monday.


Renaissance by Paolo Buonvino & Skin

Ok I’m going with something a little different, but no less epic than a rousing symphony or battle sequence score. This is the title credit song (and music video) for the Netflix show Medici: Masters of Florence, and I still love it even a year after watching the show. It’s slow burn at first, and soft, almost like a prayer, but once the electric guitar kicks in, and Skin’s vocals start soaring, the song has such a transcendent power to it. The backing choir doesn’t hurt, and the dramatic Yearning Looks in the clips from the show add the final *chef’s kiss* to the whole video. If you haven’t seen the series I definitely recommend it for some escapism. It’s a little over-the-top sometimes, but it also paints a gorgeous picture of Renaissance Florence and the powerful family behind its rise.

Helvegen (cover) by Kalandra

I think I’ve shared another version of this song, but this version of it also sends chills down my spine. The lyrics are from the Poetic Edda, an early medieval Icelandic saga, but Kalandra’s interpretation is powerful. And hey, that bowed electric guitar really lends it an epic sound.


Don’t Let Me Go, by Raign

Raign (AKA Rachel Rabin) has such a dramatic voice that any song she sings becomes epic. This was a song I listened to a lot while reading the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo (speaking of which, the Netflix adaptation is coming soon and I CAN’T WAIT!).

Done For Me, by Punch

I recently watched Hotel Del Luna and, while I wasn’t blown away by it, I enjoyed the imaginative storyline well enough and it has a great soundtrack and outfits (as K-dramas often do). It’s a story about a girl who is punished for the sins she committed when she was alive by being forced to run a hotel for the dead (before they move on to the afterlife) until she is able to let go of her resentment and pain. Lots of tragic backstory, dramatic separations and doomed lovers, so this song by Punch is perfect.

Let us know what your favorite EPIC music is! Is it one particular track? Or is it a whole album of something? We’d love to hear from you.


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