#MusicMonday: New Favorites

This week we’re sharing whatever we’ve been listening to lately. Do you have a new favorite song that you can’t (or won’t) stop listening to?


Make Me Believe by The EverLove

I love when Spotify’s magical algorithm introduces you to a new song or group that just seems to capture your imagination right away. I had that immediately with this song, and had a eureka moment when I looked up the lyrics. They perfectly conjure up the mood of my Scottish historical fantasy that I’ve been working on for years (and YEARS), and have unlocked an emotion that I’ve been trying to articulate in my story. That’s the power of music isn’t it, to summon feelings and forge connections through the alchemy of instruments, voices, and words? We all might connect differently, whether it’s to a song or a novel, but the connection is what it’s all about.

Shadows by Cobi

I love Cobi’s music and will shout from the rooftops about it. This gorgeous acoustic song is quiet and contemplative, and achingly real considering everything we’ve all been dealing with over the past year. Definitely check out his other songs if you haven’t yet!


Change by Super Junior D&E


You have to really sit with this one to appreciate it. The beat, the falsettos, the dreamy background – they just come together so well, and I’ve been playing this on a loop while I work on a dystopian novel. I really like this sub-unit of South Korean boy group Super Junior. They’re not afraid to experiment with their sound and are constantly trying new genres, but continue to retain their own unique flavor.

Sinister Kid by The Black Keys

How Kaz Brekker is this song?! If you’ve read the mind-blowingly good Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo or watched the new Netflix series Shadow and Bone (based on the books by Leigh), you’ll probably agree that this song should be Kaz’s theme song. Freddy Carter himself, who plays Kaz in the show, said he listens to this song to get into character. I honestly wasn’t expecting to love Kaz (and Freddy’s portrayal of him) so much, but I found myself riveted every time he showed up on screen. Freddy has incredible stage presence and absolutely brought the character to life. And now every time I hear this song I think of Kaz. Iconic.

What new songs have you had on repeat lately? Let us know in the comments, we’ve love to hear from you.


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