#MusicMonday – (Late) Summer Vibes

Hello and welcome to another Monday, and another roundup of our fav songs at the moment. We wanted to capture that feeling of late summer (in the northern hemisphere), where the last golden days seem to stretch endlessly, and yet the first hints of autumn creep in with the evening chill.

These songs are some of our favorites right now, or they capture this elusive time of year between seasons, when change is in the air, and magic and nostalgia mix in our memories.


Wildflowers by The Wailin’ Jennys

I’ve loved this group for a long time, and have always been mesmerized and comforted by their harmonies. I just found this song (a cover of Tom Petty’s original), and holy cow is this gorgeous. I can picture a bright sunny meadow filled with flowers and bumblebees, a soft breeze blowing through and spreading the sweet scent. This song is a breath of fresh air, but also feels like a hug, and I think we could all use one right now.

Risk It All by Ella Henderson and the House Gospel Choir

I’m a big fan of Ella—her voice, her catchy tunes, the arrangements—and oh man was I immediately hooked by her newest song, ESPECIALLY with the gospel choir joining in! Then I watched the video, and oof did it bring on even more feelings…There’s just so much fear and uncertainty in the world, but this song felt like a burst of sunlight at the end of the day. I’ve had this on repeat since I first heard it, and I don’t think I’ll be getting sick of it anytime soon.


The end of summer always feels like walking out of a golden haze, where the days are long and stupid hot and your clouds hang thick as a fog. It feels almost bittersweet until you think about the cooler, more forgiving weather that lies ahead, the shift in the light, the air, when everything isn’t so sharp and bright, and then it feels, finally, like a relief.

I came across this song on one of my Spotify explorations and thought that it perfectly captures that in-between period. I’m a fall girl, but we don’t get fall weather in Singapore (sadly), so I’m just going to go dream of fall vibes while chilling out to this song now k bye!

What songs are you vibing to lately? And what songs conjure up those last few golden days of summer for you? Let us know in the comments!


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