#MusicMonday – Spooky Songs

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, the other one, where the leaves turn gold, the nights grow longer, and the veil grows thin…Autumn always feels like such a magical time of year, and we love celebrating it with our favorite cozy pastimes like brewing tasty hot drinks, baking comforting spiced things, reading spooky stories, and listening to slightly frightful songs!

These tunes gives us the shivers, in a good way, and we’d love to hear what your favorites are!


Wights by Osi and the Jupiter feat. Anilah

I’ve been getting more into pagan folk music recently (I know, stick with me here), especially since I found Anilah’s music, which is so captivating and timeless. So when I stumbled onto her collaboration with another pagan folk group, I was hooked! The instruments, the voices, the whole mood is so evocative, it reminds me of the forests near where I grew up that seemed to stretch on forever, and where your imagination could run wild. Definitely check out their other songs if you’re looking for slightly spooky folk songs!

Breath of Life by Florence and the Machine

I know this movie was…ok-ish, but DAMN if this song doesn’t still have some power to it. I recently rediscovered it on one of my old playlists and was swept up in it all over again. Florence’s voice, the lyrics, the choir, the drums, the distortion, it all comes together into this huge sound, and paints such an epic picture. If my novels ever get adapted for the screen one day (hey a girl can dream ok), I would dissolve into a cloud of ravens and joy if anything as amazing as this ever graced the opening/closing credits.


Okay, I’m not usually one for spooky anything, but once in a while Spotify recommends a song or two with the deliciously dark vibes of late October, and they just take you somewhere far, far away from tropical Singapore. When it comes to horror, I prefer dark atmospheric vibes rather than scare tactics. And these two songs bring all the deliciously creepy vibes that evoke images of haunted gothic mansions and cold, pale hands in the dirt.

Raise the Dead by Rachel Rabin

Grow by Rae Morris

Tell us what your favorite creepy music is, or what inspires you during the autumn season in the comments below!


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