About the Writers

The elusive muse shows up when we least expect her to, and never when we beseech her to. She treads softly upon us in the small hours of the night and colours our dreams.

Muse in Pocket, Pen in Hand is where four writers seek their stories, their voices, their muse, and let their words and hearts roam freely on the page.

Find out more about us below, and follow our Pinterest board to see all of our writing prompts.




Joyce hails from the tropical island-city of Singapore, where she spends the perennially sunny days writing YA novels and short stories. Since graduating with a degree in English from the National University of Singapore, she has won a nationwide novel-writing competition organised by the National Arts Council and published her YA contemporary romance, LAMBS FOR DINNER (Straits Times Press, 2013). She subsists on green tea and baked pumpkins, and blogs about books, writing, and TV shows at The Writes of Passage in between writing her next novel. She can also be found on Facebook, sharing one too many baby videos, and indulging in her obsession with all things pretty on Pinterest and Instagram. Her writing has appeared in publications like Cosmopolitan Singapore, The Straits Times (Urban), Yahoo! Singapore, and ZCOOP.




Becky is terrible at writing bios so, instead, here’s a list of 10 fun facts about her.

1) She divides her time between Boston and Cape Cod, and can’t ever live away from the ocean. She tried once; it was a disaster.

2) She wrote her first novel at the tender age of 13. It was a monumental fail. Like, 600 pages of fail. But then she wrote another, and another, and another. Nothing like practice, right?

3) She has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil, though experience has taught her that it’s better to ask to draw on other people’s walls than to assume it’s okay. She’s tried nearly everything, but colored-pencils hold a very special place in her heart…and in her wallet.

4) Coffee is a life-force. Seriously.

5) She’d prefer a vegetable platter over a box of candy any day.

6) She once flew a helicopter from Boston to New Hampshire.

7) Spiders are her nemesis.

8) Her pet parrot goes by Carmie or Bug, depending on the day, and graciously learned to imitate the sound of the fire alarm to wake her owner up in the mornings.

9) She once dyed her hair a “temporary” shade of purple. It was supposed to last two weeks, three at most. It lasted three years.

10) She’s still trying to convince her fiancé how wonderful a farm of fainting goats would be. Becky can be found on her blog where she’s still trying to come up with things to write, or on Pinterest and Instagram, where she chronicles her stories, all things pretty, and her latest passion, Project Kindness.




Meredith is a writer and art historian who loves to obsess over books, films, TV shows and music. She writes adult historical fiction and is currently working on a series set during the 17th-century Scottish Civil Wars, as well as a stand-alone set at the end of the American Revolution. Her other passions include archaeology, whisky, traveling, staring off into space and/or daydreaming, baking, and trying not to squeal too loudly when she sees a dog. Originally from the US of A, she now lives in London and has a PhD in Venetian art history. You can read more about her work on her blog, and follow her on TwitterInstagram and Pinterest, where she posts about feminism, books, and other lovely things (like dogs).




Nicole Evans is a writer of fantasy and science fiction. She is currently unpublished and is working fervently to get the “un” removed from that statement. She’s written a trilogy about destined heroes that fail anyway, has started a science fiction trilogy that pits the natural desire to love against the natural instinct to kill during the extinction of the human race and the start of a series with the sole goal of fitting in as many tropes as possible into five books.

She really can’t wait for you to read these stories.

Considering she has run out of space for putting rejections letters up on her wall, Nicole now uses her spare time doing the typical things that nerds do: blogging, dying repeatedly during video games (which she believes is retribution for the characters’ she’s killed), wishing she was the character she is currently reading about and trying to fight off the real world by living in her own head, with varying degrees of success. Nicole has a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Film and Media Studies, and works as an evening librarian assistant. You can find her personal blog here and her book review blog here.



The muse might be elusive, but luckily, she isn’t something that only your Muses seek after. Occasionally, we like to invite some other writers that we admire to join us on the blog and show off their creative veins. Below, you can find their bios and learn more about them.


You Zhen.jpg

At the age of five or so, You Zhen completed his first book, a work of fiction titled “The Longest Rabbit”. It contained illustrations (doodles) and a happy ending.

For years since then, he flirted with writing before finally making the decision to take things to the next level (fortunately, no moving in or meeting of parents was involved).Now, he has committed to writing regularly and sometimes finds short stories coming out the other end. These are published weekly on https://fivenswrite.wordpress.com and curated graphics to his stories are on https://www.behance.net/gallery/55410477/Fivens. You can reach him directly by sending an email to authrspace@gmail.com.




Rebekkah has been living in her own little world and writing it all down since she was itty bitty. Having grown up devouring fantasy, sci-fi, and anything weird, she naturally gravitates towards that in her writing. She also went and got a degree in politics, so you can bet she ends up writing about that too. Her characters are pretty much always yelling for attention, and if she doesn’t listen, she’s plagued with intense dreams until she starts writing again. She also raises goats, the evidence of which can be found on her Instagram. She also tweets random things here. Her debut novel — an alternate-history fantasy — is set to come out in 2018. You can find out more at her blog: awakedragon.wordpress.com.



Author Bio 2017 Rob Nugent

Rob Nugent is an American author from the state of Michigan and currently has two self-published works, The Fallen Banner: Part I of the Chronicles of Aerothos and Tales of Aerothos: Knights of the Wolf. An avid student of European medieval history, Rob blends historical aesthetic and realism into his fantasy world, aiming to create a believable, gritty, low-fantasy setting. His works revolve around Aerothos, a continent with a rich lore, where various kingdoms vie for power in both their courts and the battlefield.

Rob’s favorite works include The Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire, and the Dragonlance Chronicles. In his free time, Rob likes to read history, play music with friends, relax with a cup of coffee in-hand, and participate in medieval live-action role-playing games. Links to Rob’s platforms: FacebookTwitterInstagram.




Jenny is a British-Canadian currently making Switzerland her home. She’s written many stories for herself, but didn’t really consider making them public until she was invited to contribute to Muse in Pocket, Pen in Hand. She’s a big-picture thinker (who hopes that comes across in her work), and she looks forward to refining her style. The authors that top her favourites list are Margaret Atwood and Joe Simpson. In her daily life, she is always searching for the best cup of coffee and can often be found lingering in cafés, knitting or scribbling in pocket-sized notebooks. You can also find her on Twitter @ladywhitty



Marie Stump is a 20-something writer, reader, and student of language and literature from a typical tiny town in Midwest America. She holds a degree in English Literature and Spanish and has been a lover of books and stories for as long as she can remember. Marie has been writing her own stories since she could spell enough words to form sentences. (Okay, maybe that’s stretching the the definition of “sentence” just a bit.) She still has the first full “story” she wrote, a tale that explains why the sky is blue, which she wrote for a second-grade project. (Why, yes, it does come with illustrations, how did you know?) She became more serious about writing when she started high school and drafted a novel before graduating. She also dabbled in poems a bit while in college, though she is of the firm opinion that poetry is better left to better poets. While Marie has not been published, she has several works in progress, all at varying stages in the drafting and revising processes. Prior to her story for the Muses, she has not put out any of her work to be seen by the world.