Circus Island

“People called it Circus Island – because the island’s biggest draw was the huge circus in the that housed the most bizarre creatures – and over time the name stuck.
Nobody knew that this was not the case thirty years ago.”
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The Memory Killer

The memory killer ran his practice in a sensible, compact office tucked away at the end of a narrow alley. Up an arched stairway you had to go before heading down a corridor that could just barely fit two people. It was impossible to spot it unless you knew where to look and what you … More The Memory Killer

The Story Thieves

Every local on the island knew about the banned books. What they didn’t know was that they were stupidly easy to find. But that was only if you knew where to look, and if you knew what you were looking for. Nobody knew what they were looking for anymore, though. Their vision had been whitewashed; … More The Story Thieves