A Slinger’s Bane

There’s only so many times you can wake up to the chaotic cacophony of war; the strident, singing shots of gunfire and the screams of dying souls before you learn to hate it. For Kaetheia, it only took one morning—one morning that turned into 25 years, thanks to the contract she wore chained around her … More A Slinger’s Bane

Some Truths and A Lie

“She isn’t wearing a corset tonight,” Liam said. “Well how is that supposed to count?” I complained, glancing over towards Lady Duberry. “She never does.” A couple walked in front of us, obviously not deep enough in their wine cups yet, for they looked us in the eye, forcing Liam to swallow whatever response he … More Some Truths and A Lie

A Spider’s Warning

I’ve always suffered from bad dreams. I’m not sure where the suffering came from—or used to come from, rather. But memories from my childhood aren’t complete without remembering the night terrors, without vivid recollections waking up with a cold sweat, the shakes, only being able to wake up at all because of the screaming. I … More A Spider’s Warning

The World She Knew

She expected to die by a gunshot, but it still came as a surprise as she felt the bullet impact mere seconds before her head turned off. Instead of everything turning dark, she saw bright, white light traveling at her, faster and faster—or perhaps she was traveling towards it. She didn’t have the brain capacity … More The World She Knew

Inside the Globe

The day he realized everything was outside of his control was the day he decided to change. To hide. What else could he do, after learning he was trapped inside a globe? He wasn’t sure exactly how he found out. In fact, he wasn’t quite sure of anything. He couldn’t remember his past and had … More Inside the Globe