The Forgotten Pleasures

“Really? Here?” The male human’s fingers were already brushing against her hips, his knuckles sneaking their way underneath the fabric of her shirt. His nose was buried against her neck, as he guided her gently, pushing her backwards. Both of them were unaware of the audience that was forced to watch their rendezvous. “Baby, you … More The Forgotten Pleasures

The State of Unawareness

Eyes locking on that final boat, you notice every detail simultaneously and with perfect clarity. The weight of the pack on your back. Filled to the brim with provisions that are familiar, the metal clasp strains against them, threatening to slip and unleash everything meant to sustain you—and more importantly, her—against the unknown, a future … More The State of Unawareness

An Envelope’s Edge

They told me to let it go. Following me as I made my way to the ventilation shaft, they—crew and colleagues alike—pointed out things that I already knew. Too dangerous, they said. Too risky, they complained. Think of the complications if you don’t make it back, they begged. It’s not worth it, they argued. And … More An Envelope’s Edge