The boat looked like the sort of flying insects that Grayson used to collect as a small boy, and perhaps that was why he’d been drawn to it. There were other boats in the harbor – boats that probably wouldn’t mind an extra boy and an invisible girl to help with chores – but this … More Home

March Prompt

This month’s prompt suggests mysteries and adventures. So grab your pens or your computers and come along with us as we write our stories about the prompt below!

Penelope’s Test

“They told her she was a superhero, and whispered that she was a villain behind her back.” – McNelis    I. The Senior Class Elective was a secret thing, even at Kent’s Academy for Superheroes, where secrets were usually common knowledge, thanks to half the student body being able to read minds or turn invisible, … More Penelope’s Test

The Bone Seeker

Imogen Gray was a prophet, and her trade was in bones and secrets. Some said she was morbid, digging up bones like that, for profit of all things. They didn’t care about the truth that bones held, or the history that they revealed. They said that once bones were buried, they should stay buried. These … More The Bone Seeker