The Morning Sun

*Muse’s Note: This week’s story is by our fabulous returning guest writer, J.M.Whitty. You can read her other stories here.* Ana: ‘Big Brother’ by The Stephane Wrembel Trio (Vicky Cristina Barcelona)     Julia: ‘American Woman’ by The Who   Relationship: ‘L’Alba’ by Jovanotti   Julia paced on the sidewalk, stopping only to dig for her … More The Morning Sun

The Bicycle

*Muses Note – This week we’re featuring a returning guest writer, J.M. Whitty. She’s a British-Canadian living in Switzerland, who writes post-apocalyptic and speculative fiction. You can find links to her other stories on our ‘About the Writers’ page* It was very hot. Too hot for so early in the morning. Sweat had already begun … More The Bicycle

A Rare Thing Indeed

Vera – for that’s what she was calling herself this century – sat down and regretted everything. She regretted signing up for that dating service on a whim, and responding to Dave or Dan or whoever’s message, and agreeing to come here. Oh and she regretted that deal with the elder gods which started all … More A Rare Thing Indeed

The Memory Killer

The memory killer ran his practice in a sensible, compact office tucked away at the end of a narrow alley. Up an arched stairway you had to go before heading down a corridor that could just barely fit two people. It was impossible to spot it unless you knew where to look and what you … More The Memory Killer