A Grand Entrance

Marcantonio and Ezio stood on the threshold side by side. “Ready little brother?” Ezio smiled nervously. “As I’ll ever be.” Marcantonio squeezed his shoulder and chuckled. “Come on, you’ll be fine. Just follow my lead.” “I always do,” Ezio muttered, tugging on his embroidered collar. Before Marcantonio could jibe him further, the heavy panelled doors … More A Grand Entrance


                                                       –The Wright Brothers                                                    … More Probably


As Marcantonio ascended the worn marble steps of the hospital, he smiled. The clip of his new boots resonated from the arched ceilings, announcing his arrival with confident echoes. I want him to know I am coming, he thought, eager to see the Senator’s reaction. He reached the top of the stairs, his cloak flowing … More Homecoming