Memories by the Fire

*Muse’s Note: This week’s story is by our fabulous returning guest writer, J.M.Whitty. You can read her other stories here.*   When I think of a campfire, it conjures up fragments of memories that fit together like a puzzle with irregular pieces. These memories are not stories, but rather glimpses of feelings and scents and … More Memories by the Fire

A Light in the Dark

I step away from the group and look back, gasping at the stars overhead. Even against the bright warmth of the flames, I’ve never seen the Milky Way this clear before. I can hear the waves breaking nearby, and the wind hissing through the last of the tall grass. I let out a deep sigh. … More A Light in the Dark

Wondering Wednesdays: Plotting versus Pantsing

Hello, dear readers! Welcome to another segment of Wondering Wednesdays, where we break down some of our perspectives of different popular topics that come up during the writing journey. If you’ve been following along with our series, you’ll know it focuses on most of the basics surrounding wanting to write a novel and making that … More Wondering Wednesdays: Plotting versus Pantsing