She knew it would end like this. One does not train their entire life to become the greatest fencer in the kingdom without making a few enemies. She had bested them all, one man after another who claimed superiority over her simply for being male. Yet one by one they fell to her saber, her … More Lethal

A Grand Entrance

Marcantonio and Ezio stood on the threshold side by side. “Ready little brother?” Ezio smiled nervously. “As I’ll ever be.” Marcantonio squeezed his shoulder and chuckled. “Come on, you’ll be fine. Just follow my lead.” “I always do,” Ezio muttered, tugging on his embroidered collar. Before Marcantonio could jibe him further, the heavy panelled doors … More A Grand Entrance

Tick Tock

  Wilhelm sat back from his desk and exhaled. He had done it. It sat on the tabletop before him, ticking and clicking and humming merrily, and his chest swelled with pride as he watched the second hand make its first rotation around the face. For centuries, clocks and horologes had called the faithful to … More Tick Tock